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Sharp Till Error Codes

Sharp till error codes -

Please browse this website for video tutorials on how to clear your particular sharp till error message.

Some general Sharp till error message videos are featured below along with a glossary of what the most common Sharp till error messages actually mean.

Sharp Till Error Messages -

E32 - Wrong Mode. This means that you have no operator logged in. Press CL to clear the error and press numeric number 1 followed by CLK# to log in as operator 1.

H - Error Message. This means that the platen arm hasn't been clicked back into place.

PPPPPPPPPP - Error Message This means that the paper is out so you need to load a new till roll.

E01 - Error Message This means that you have pressed the wrong key in the wrong sequence. Press CL to clear the error and re-enter the transaction.

Sharp E32 Wrong Mode Error Code

Sharp H Error Message

Sharp PPPPPPPPPP Error Message

Sharp E01 Error Message

Sharp Clerk Not Signed On Error Code

Sharp Non Reset Clerk Error Message

Sharp Factory Reset

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